Borgward wins against Renault dispute over Borgward rhombus

On October 8th, 2020, the trademark dispute over the Borgward rhombus between Borgward and Renault was negotiated again at the Munich Higher Regional Court. The 29th Senate overturned the judgment passed in the first instance and contradicted the arguments of the plaintiff (Renault S.A.) on all points. The Borgward rhombus and the Renault diamond are neither similar nor are there any likelihood of confusion between them. An appeal is not possible. Renault must bear the costs for both instances.

According to this judgment, the Borgward Group can – and will – continue to use the well-known logo in full.

Christian Borgward, who appeared in person on this date with two representatives of the Borgward Group from Stuttgart, is combative: “The verdict clearly shows that the iconic logo, in both the current and historical context, is inseparable from Borgward. Together with the employees in Stuttgart and Beijing, we will continue to work on establishing the brand in the core markets. I would like to thank everyone involved for their excellent work for the continued existence of this historical brand. This is a great success for the company and me.”