Informations about BORGWARD BX7


When will the new BORGWARD BX7 models become available?

Sales will begin in China in 2016 and the models will then be launched in other emerging markets such as Russia, India and South America. Plans call for Europe to follow in 2017.

Let’s say I’m interested in obtaining a BORGWARD BX7: What should I do?

We’re currently setting up our dealership and service network. Depending on where you live, it may or may not be the case that a dealer will be available to take an advance order from you in 2016. We would therefore ask you to be patient.

Where will the new BORGWARD vehicles be built?

The vehicles will be manufactured by BORGWARD Group AG. Our first factory, in Beijing, China — a plant equipped with technology from Germany — will soon begin manufacturing operations because China is where we are initially launching our first models. We also plan to build additional production plants — in Europe as well.

What parts of the new BORGWARD models are actually “Made in Germany”?

The new BORGWARD is an all-new development. Once again, so that there’s no misunderstanding: BORGWARD is clearly a German company. Our design and technology come from Germany, as do most of our components (Siemens, Bosch, SAP).

Has BORGWARD released any brand merchandise yet?

Promotional products are being planned. We would ask you to be patient, and as soon as we have any news on this, we will immediately inform you at our website and via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Which models will come after the BX7?

We’re first planning to expand our SUV family. However, we also plan to build a coupé. Finally, we’re thinking about building a saloon, among other things, after we’ve rounded out our range of SUVs. BORGWARD Group AG has never considered building a retro model that would recall the Borgward vehicles of the past.

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